Company Incorporation

Ques:  What is included in the offer?

Ans:    Company registration with 2 directors and shareholders incl. DSC, DIN, Name Approval, MOA & AOA., Govt. fee

Private limited Company Incorporation in India

A Private Limited Company is the most successful and trusted form of entity for doing business in India.We offer Company registration by the easiest and fastest way.

Private limited company is a form of a business entity which has a separate legal entity and is a perfect combination of corporate and partnership form of a business entity.

Advantages of a Private Limited Company
Separate Legal Entity
A Company is a separate Legal Entity and a juridical person.
Limited Liability
The members of a company have limited liability towards the debts of the company.
Capacity to sue
A company being a separate legal person has the capacity to sue and be sued.
Perpetual Existence
A Company goes on forever until it is legally dissolved.  Members may come and go but a company stays forever.
Easily Funded
Banks and VCs prefer lending more to a company rather than to other forms of a business entity.
Owning Property
A company being a juristic person, can acquire, own property in its own name.
Easy Transferability
Shares of a company are freely transferable to any other person.
Best for doing business with foreigners/ foreign entities Foreign Entities/Individuals like to do business with registered entities and company form is the most preferred by them.


Private Limited Company Registration Process
  • There is a single application form registration process (Form INC-29) for registering private limited company in India.
  • It usually takes about 15-20 days to register a private limited company subject to processing at the ROC.
Checklist of Documents and information required for Private limited Company Registration
  1. For DIN application


    • Identity proof of applicant-PAN is mandatory for Indian residents and passport is mandatory for foreign nationals.
    • Address proof of applicant-Passport/Voter ID Card/Driving License/Aadhar Card not older than two months.


    • Whether applicant is a citizen of India?
    • Whether applicant is a resident of India?
    • Occupation, Educational Qualification of applicant.
    • Permanent and present residential address.
    • Father’s name, DOB, Gender of applicant
  1. For Registered office address


    • Utility bills in the name of owners with the proposed regd. address of the company. (Utility bills should not be older than two months. Utility bills include gas/electricity/telephone/ mobile bills)
    • Documents evidencing ownership of regd. address of the owner like conveyance deed, rent agreement, lease deed, rent receipt not older than 1 month is needed in case the company has taken the premises on rent.
    • NOC from the owners that they have no objection for use as regd. office if premises is used without rent i.e in case premises used is owned by director or any other person not taken on lease by company.


    • Complete address of proposed regd. office needed.
    • Complete address of police station under the jurisdiction of which proposed regd. office is situated.
  1. For Name of the Company
    • At least three alternative names should be given for application of name with ROC.
  2. For Object Clause
    • A few lines on the proposedmain objects/type of business which the company will carry on post-incoporation.
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